Certified Trainer Readiness Course

Being a successful trainer with all the skills required helps us in training trainees efficiently. Here, we support the trainers who are passionate about training people by equipping them with the effective communication, body language, and training techniques needed to succeed as a trainer.

Certified Trainer Readiness - Course Overview

This MCTRC certification training course equips the aspirants with required skills and knowledge to be a successful trainer with all the necessary skills and get a qualifying MCTRC certificate.

MCTRC is a streamlined method for becoming a successful trainer by learning from our knowledgeable trainers. We will be using an efficient training program that will inform you of the realities of developing good body language, fluent communication, and many other engaging training strategies. 

Here are Some Advantages of attending and earning the Certified Trainer Readiness Course:

  • The MCTRC certification will help you achieve your objective of being a fully qualified corporate trainer. 
  • Your ability to pass the evaluation process after the training will be aided by having a firm grasp of the Associate or Expert level certificate. 
  • You will be given a Qualifying MCTRC certificate once you pass the MCTRC evaluation.

After completing this Certified Trainer Readiness Training, students will be able to:

  • Define the best teaching Strategies.
  • Share the Technical Knowledge by proper demonstration of the problem-solving skills.
  • Define the best Messaging solution.
  • Efficient Classroom Management.
  • Deliver instruction in a professional manner.
  • Manage the Delivery flow.
  • Manage the Whiteboarding and Demo’s

Main Highlights of MCT Readiness Course (MCTRC)

A real-world training and learning experience are offered through the MCTRC training.

Being a Microsoft Learning Partner provides us with the edge over competition.

Integrated teaching assistance and support through experts designed Learning Management System (LMS) and Exam Ready platform.

Well-organized use-cases that mimic the difficulties seen in the real world.

Competency-Based Learning (CBL) is developed through instructor-led training and mentorship sessions by our own Microsoft Certified Trainers.

Teaching in an interactive, engaging virtual classroom to promote problem-based learning (PBL).

Who Should Attend MCT Readiness Course (MCTRC)

  • People who are passionate about training others and want to become a successful trainer but lack the necessary training abilities
  • By attending the course will help you be ready for your upcoming trainings.
  • The participants must be well-versed in one of the Associate / Expert course contents and hold at least one certification at the Microsoft Associate or Expert level.

What are the prerequisites for MCT Readiness Course (MCTRC)?

Should have an understanding of the following:

  • At-least one Microsoft Associate or Expert level certification as per the list provided.
  • Strong understanding of the course material (Associate / Expert).

Why opt Dr.Computer for MCT Readiness Certification (MCTRC)?

Dr.Computer is a pioneer in providing high-quality trainings to a variety of audience types. With the most sessions delivered across the world.

We offer the required Microsoft Certified Trainer Readiness Course through this training.

MCT Readiness Course (MCTRC) by Dr.Computer helps you become a more successful trainer by enhancing your training talents and skills.

The MCT Readiness Course (MCTRC) is an 8-hour training and will be conducted once in every month.

MCT Readiness Course (MCTRC) will be delivered by the best experienced Microsoft Certified Trainers from Dr.Computer.

During the training, you will get a chance to explore the beautiful world of training the people with your skills.

You will have the opportunity to learn about the wonderful world of training others while undergoing training.

Being a Microsoft Learning Partner provides us an edge over competitors in delivering the course.

What are the prerequisites for MCT Readiness Course (MCTRC)?

Should have an understanding of the following:

Step 1: Participants will need to Register and attend a 9 hours (1 day) course of MCTRC by Dr.Computer.

Step 2: Every participant will receive a digital handbook of the course curriculum to prepare for the MCTRC evaluation which happens the next day.

Step 3: The MCTRC evaluation process will require every participant to deliver a one and half hour live session on the respective Associate/Expert Microsoft certificate from the following list. (NOTE: Evaluators will be choosing the modules from the selected Microsoft Certification course)

Step 4: Participant will receive MCTRC certificate after successful completion of the evaluation.

Step 5: On acquiring MCTRC, Aspirants can enrol for MCT by visiting Microsoft’s Enrolment Tool and enrolling with their MCID and MCTRC Certificate.

Step 6: On completion of above steps, you will receive a ‘Welcome’ Email from Microsoft with confirmation of successful Enrolment as MCT.

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